Why should you take our Level 3 Bone Grafting Courses?

When you enroll in our live implant training, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn new skills and expand your dental practice by offering your patients more of what they need. But there is also much more that you can still do to enhance your current skills and take dental implant courses to a new level with our bone grafting courses.

What to Expect from Level 3 Bone Grafting Courses

We have taken implant training to the next level so that you, as a dental professional can gain valuable knowledge and experience in working on extreme dental implant cases. These may include:

·        Implantation in highly atrophic bone

·        Sinus lifts

·        Bone augmentation

·        Intra-oral harvesting of bone

·        Block grafts

·        Implementing titanium mess into oral reconstruction

Plus, our Level 3 Advanced Grafting course can be tailored to suit your particular goals, so you learn what you need to and in the best possible way, on live patients.

Prerequisites for Attending Our Level 3 Bone Grafting Courses

Before you can register for these highly detailed next level implant training courses, you must first qualify. To begin with, you will need to have extensive practical oral surgery experience. That means you will need to have completed a minimum of 200 implants through your general practice or you must have successfully completed our Level 2 Q-implant Marathon. The skills learned in this prerequisite course will be invaluable to you during your Level 3 training.

There is always more that you can expand on, which is why we provide a higher level of dental implant training for the consummate professional. Our bone grafting courses are designed to leave you with the skills, confidence, and knowledge you need to take your home dental practice to new heights.