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Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) was founded and created in 2003 by a German dental/medical product manufacturing company, Trinon Titanium GmbH. Trinon Titanium partnered with several maxillofacial surgeons across the world to create the TCP Implant Marathon, a dental CE program like no other on the market: a hands-on training focusing on “learning by doing”.




Since 2003, Trinon Collegium Practicum together with Implantology Courses Inc (Chicago, USA) has organized 200+ TCP Implant Marathon sessions, which offer hands-on implant surgery training that incorporates a live patient model. Now in it’s 21st year, the Implant Marathon has helped educate over 3,700 dentists from around the world and provided over 130,000 implants for low-income patients.

20+ Years of Educating Dentists

The first TCP Implant Marathon was held in Santa Clara, Cuba in 2003. The principles for this course stem from the belief that doctors should have the opportunity to quickly gain in-depth experience in implantology from direct patient interaction. 

TCP founders understood that practical educational seminars was lacking for doctors who wished to become proficient in the placement of implants. Implant Marathon benefits participants by providing a forum to gain critical implantology experience; the local clinics/universities by offering an opportunity to conduct case studies and patients who benefit from improved quality of life.

In 2007, Trinon Collegium Practicum joined forces with Implantology Courses Inc and expanded by adding two more Implant Marathon course locations: Dominican Republic and Cambodia. In 2021, the newest location in Brazil opened it’s doors.
The Implant Marathon is the longest-running hands-on surgical course in the world! 

Each year, the TCP Implant Marathon team trains 100-150 doctors to place implants.

 Join one of our implant course sessions and gain confidence in implantology with real hands-on courses!

TCP Implant Marathon Through The Years