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Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) is a dental education provider and organizer of implant surgery courses.

Since 2003, Trinon Collegium Practicum has organized more than150 Q-Implant Marathon sessions, which offer hands-on implant surgery training that incorporates a live patient model. Now in it’s 17th year we have helped educate over 3,000 dentists and provided over 100,000 implants for patients. During our implant surgery courses, participants spend five days assisting and leading hands-on surgeries under the supervision of experienced instructors. The Academy of General Dentistry accredits the Q-Implant Marathon and all participants are eligible to receive 60 continuing education credit hours.

“Learning by Doing”

Continuing education in dental implantology has traditionally focused on theoretical aspects. Trinon Collegium Practicum challenges this training approach by offering practice-orientated implant surgery courses.

Conventionally, entering the field of implantology has proven difficult for many dentists. Typically, it is not a subject of university education with many universities and courses focusing largely on theoretical orientation. Because of this, establishing oneself within this particular area of implantology can prove to be a time-consuming endeavor.  Which is why Trinon Collegium Practicum began organizing 5-day hands-on implant courses, more than 17 years ago. These intense practical course sessions are guaranteed to provide you with the confidence you need, to add implant placement to your practice!

Trinon Collegium Practicum Foundation and Clinic

TCP owns and operates the Trinon Collegium Practicum Foundation Clinic, in sunny Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The TCP clinic operates as a regular dental clinic for local patients year-round. During our implant surgery courses the clinic specializes in implants and oral surgery. A local team of doctors manage patient follow-up and restoration post-course.

We take the welfare of our patients closely to heart and strive for treatment in accordance with the highest standards. All patients are pre-screened and prepared for implantation by the local team. Regular follow-up is provided by our clinic or, if desired by the patients, by outside dentists. Implant treatment is free of charge for all patients, during our implant surgery courses.

Our Facilities

Q-Implant System

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Trinon Titanium GmbH began developing dental products in 1997. In 2000, The Q-Implant System was launched in Germany, and has since been made available across the world. The Q-Implant System was developed with a focus on patient perspective, with specific emphasis on immediate placement and low cost restoration. Since 2000, the Q-Implant System has expanded its line of products and now includes 6 sub-systems: Q-Implant, GIP-Implant, Q3-Implant, QK-Implant, Q2-Implant, and QZA-Implant. Trinon also manufactures a wide range of restorative components, instruments, and surgical kits. For further information, please visit

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