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Live Implant Courses

With more than 150 Q-Implant Marathons organized, our international team of surgeons has trained more than 3,000 dentists who have placed more than 100,000 dental implants. We truly believe that proper dental implant training with real hands-on, live surgical sessions will provide each of our participants with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of Implantology.

Participants spend 5 days learning from the best surgical faculty members, who have extensive implant experience and are experts in educating with the latest techniques and advancements. Our aim is to promote exceptional surgical skills to doctors, who wish to acquire superior dental implant knowledge. Our dental implant placement programs emphasize real world execution of simple and complex implants, bone grafting, ridge splitting, soft tissue grafting, titanium mesh reconstruction and more.

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Best Dental Implant Courses Near USA

With more than 17 years of dental education experience, we are the longest running implant seminar in the world. More than 3,000 dentists have added implants and advanced surgery to their practice, after completing our implant seminar and our advanced surgery courses.

Implant placement courses for general dentists

Implant Placement Courses for General Dentists

Our courses are directed at dentists of all skill levels. Whether you are a recent graduate, general dentist with basic implant knowledge, or an implant master, our course is for you! New Grad?! Ask about our specials!

Live implant placement training

Live Implant Placement Training

During our 5-day course, participants will have the opportunity to perform a minimum of 30 hands-on implant surgeries and other procedures under the supervision of the most qualified dental surgeons.

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Advanced Surgery Courses

Our advanced courses offer live hands-on surgery for sinus lifts, ridge/bone splitting, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, PRP/PRF, and management of complications. In 5 days, participants perform and assist with up to 15 different cases!

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Incredibly Experienced Professionals

Our training team has conducted more than 200 implant training sessions, providing dentists with the experience needed to achieve the highest level of implantology skill. You will be learning from the best of the best in the field of implantology.

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60 CE Hours

We are AGD PACE approved so your 60 CE hours will be accepted by most licensing boards across North America. Your post-course package contains a Q-Implant and surgical starter kit. The completion certificate will indicate the number of surgical implants you participated in.

Advantages of Implantology Courses

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CE Hours Approved

Because our implant courses are AGD PACE approved, your 60 CE hours will be recognized by most boards and dental associations in North America. You can also apply your CE hours towards a fellowship of your choosing!

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Starter Kit

The Q-Implant Marathon provides each graduate with a free gift!  Upon completion of the course, you will receive a free implant starter package that includes a surgical kit and a few Q-implants. We hope this starter package helps with adding implants to your practice!

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Skills for Life

After completing the implant course, you will have enough confidence to put your newly learned skills to practice! By day 4 of our live implant course, 95% of our doctors are ready to perform surgery without our supervision.

Course Availability

The Q-Implant Marathon offers course sessions every 4-8 weeks. We are currently limiting our class sizes and spots for the course fill quickly – please reach out for most up to date information and availability.

2021-22 Course Sessions

Please inquire for specific dates, availability and locations. Spots are very limited and availability can change daily. 2022 dates will be announced soon!

Inquire about our special offers, discounts, and interest-free financing!

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FAQ About Our Implantology Courses

Trinon Collegium Practicum organizes the Q-Implant Marathon – a 5 day hands-on practical course focusing on implantology. All course sessions are live surgery participation under supervision.

Since it began, the courses have gained global recognition, with more than 150 sessions organized. Under the motto, “Learning by Doing”, these courses have led to the placement of over 100,000 implants, helping over 25,000 patients.

Trinon courses are conducted by experienced international and domestic surgeons providing advice and assistance as participants perform difficult surgeries, from basic sinus elevations to complicated grafting cases.

There are 3 skill levels available in which participants, grouped in pairs, can expect to undergo 60+ hours of practical surgery to gain experience and apply learned theoretical concepts on implantology.

Level 1: Implant Placement

Participants are guaranteed to perform 30 Implants in 5 days, with cases ranging from Standard to Moderately-complicated, all supervised and assisted by experienced implantologists, thereby providing practical experience.

Level 2: Sinus Elevations

Participants are guaranteed to perform 5 Sinus Lifts in 5 days under the supervision and assistance of experienced instructors. Apart from this, various techniques and procedures such as Bone Augmentation and Effective Management of Complications due to Implant Surgery will also be discussed.

Level 3: Demanding Cases

Participants are required to treat a number of demanding cases at this level. These include those involving Highly Atrophic Bone, Comprehensive Bone Augmentation, using Titanium Mesh, to name a few.

Continuing education focused on Dental Implantology has been theoretical at most. From an educational viewpoint, the subject is not given much attention and as such, specializing in this area can prove to be a time consuming endeavor. Further complicating this is the fact that most programs on implantology rarely provide participants with practical experience by working directly on patients, leaving them unable to cope with real life situations

Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) challenges this by offering engaging practice-oriented courses such as the Q-Implant Marathon, accredited by the General Academy of Dentistry who approved and provided that upon completion of said course, all participants are entitled to receive 60 Continuing Education Hours.

The Q-Implant Marathon sessions are held in:

1.Dominican Republic
3. Laos

Each location holds 4-8 sessions a year. For more information regarding the dates and specific locations, please contact us at Implantology Courses.

Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo

For those living in the USA, we recommend attending the sessions held at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

These run for about 10-12 hours/day and at the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate indicating the number of performed implants/operations performed. In addition, they receive 60 continuing education hours from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Sessions are currently being limited to smaller groups. The number of participants depends on the date/session/location, and the number of op-booths available (10 op-booths = 20 participants working in teams of 2).

An international of team varying nationalities, all fluent in English, and possess the required experience, knowledge and skills best suited to teach the course compose our team. With each one having numerous accolades and success in their field of work, we make sure those who do the job know the job, and are excellent at it.

The Q-Implant Marathon is the only course in the world that guarantees attendees a guaranteed number of live surgeries, specifically:

-As the LEAD, 30 implants in 5 days
-ASSISTING another 30 implants performed by their partner

Yes, provided you completed a minimum of 50 Implant Cases in the last 2 years. This is a must since Level 2 Cases are more advanced in nature.

One should be equipped with the necessary basic surgical skills such as Incision and Suture. Basic knowledge of Implantology and theories on it are expected, as well. Moreover, participants should familiarize themselves with the Q-Method, including the time period allotment the course requires to avoid conflicts in schedule.

We will provide basic surgical equipment to the participants. However, we advise participants who prefer specific brands (or equipment such as loupes), to bring their own for personal use.

Finally, one (1) set of scrubs for each participant shall be provided so it is recommended that participants bring extra sets in case something unexpected occurs

All work performed during the course is on local patients and all surgery is free of charge  for the patients. The operations are all performed with the highest quality care and concern for the welfare of the patient.

Regular follow-ups are provided by our team, clinic, or staff at the university.

The first Q-Implant Marathon was held in Santa Clara, Cuba in December of 2003. The core principles of this course stemmed from the belief that doctors should have the opportunity to quickly gain in-depth experience in implantology through direct patient interaction. Trinon Collegium Practicum founders understood that there was a lack of practical educational seminars for doctors who wished to become proficient in the placement of implants.

Since then, we have organized more than 150 courses across three nations, with over 3,000 dentists trained and given first hand practical experience on Implantology Surgery. This has yielded some 100,000+ implants placed on patients from the local areas.

What our Course Participants Say


I was very impressed with this course and the instructors. I learned more in this course than all of the other implant courses I have taken combined. After this course, I will feel very confident with most implant cases and situations. The patients were great and are very well taken care of by the local dentists and physicians. I will definitely be back for the advanced courses.

Dr. Nick H.

The hands-on approach of this course and the instructors make the clinical knowledge gained invaluable. By the end of the course, my confidence not only in implant placement, but also in surgical procedures, was greatly improved. I would definitely recommend this experience to any dentist.

Dr. Ramon H.

I had always referred out implants even though patients asked if I could do it. In the end, they would never go to the specialist and just find another GP that did implants. I’m excited to go back and start placing implants right away, patients want to stay with one dentist and now I am confidence and ready to place implants for them.

Dr. Wesley N.

Prior to coming to this course, I had only theoretical/didactic knowledge in implantology. You gain immense knowledge in placement, treatment planning and surgical skills. As a beginner, I would highly recommend taking this course to advance your career.

Dr. Amar P.

Really enjoyed this course. I feel confident in placing implants after finishing the course. Instructors are great and really helpful. Would definitely recommend this course if you are thinking about offering implants to your patients.

Dr. Farah J.

Great course for getting the courage up to place implants in a variety of patients. Thirty implants in 5 days- very fast paced but a great confidence builder!

Dr. Sarah M.

I loved it! Tons of practical knowledge, very knowledgeable and friendly instructors and administrative staff. Everything was handled in a very professional and helpful way. Perfect way to improve your skills, meet new friends, get lots of advice with dental problems and complications. Now I feel confident and I will start placing implants in my practice.

Dr. Justyna B.

This course is a truly hands on experience and plenty of it. The patients, instructors and accommodations are nice. The course is well organized. Thank you Dominika and Mac!

Dr. Thomas P.

I have already taken a comprehensive implant course and placed a few implants before coming to this course. This hands-on course definitely boosted my confidence level greatly in placing implants. The instructors were all great and knowledgeable. Thanks again!

Dr. Janet C

Incredible course! I’ve never been to a CE course that has given me so much experience and knowledge as this course has. Worth every penny!

Dr. Kent C.

Having taken 2 previous implant continuum courses and 12 years of implant experience, I found the hands-on level 2 course invaluable. The learning environment was supportive and the training and feedback with total hands-on instruction was the one thing my previous training lacked. I highly recommend this course to any dentist interested in placing implants and sinus lifts. I am completely confident of my skills that I acquired and am excited to implement sinus augmentation in my practice.

Dr. Kathy D.

This course was amazing! From the moment we entered the clinic, our patients were ready to go! I placed 2 implants in the first hour. I began the course with limited experience and confidence and finished ready to place implants on Monday with total confidence!

Dr. Miguel C.

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