Hands-On Training Advanced Bone Grafting Courses

Management of implant complications

Bone Grafting Courses

Our Level 3 Advanced Grafting course can be tailored towards your learning goals!

Participants of this level will expand their practical experience by working on extreme and very difficult implantological cases. Cases may include, but are not limited to: implantation in highly atrophic bone, with sinus lift and bone augmentation, intra-oral harvesting of the patients bone, block grafts, use of titanium mesh in oral reconstruction.

To attend this highly complex level, you have have extensive oral surgery practical experience, with a minimum placement of 200 implants or completion of our Level 2 Q-Implant Marathon.

Other Live Surgery Courses We Offer

Our dental implant courses are designed to give participants experience on live patients under strict supervision by qualified professionals. With different course levels available, you will perform live patient surgeries during our 5-day hands-on live implant training.

Sinus Lifts courses

Sinus Lift Course – Level 2

Guaranteed performance of at least 5-7 lateral sinus lift cases as the main surgeon, assistance with another 5-10 sinus lifts performed by group member(s). Each doctor will also learn advanced grafting techniques, PRF and management of complications.

Level Requirement: 50 implants placed in the last 2 years or previous participation in our level 1 course.

Management of implant complications

Live Implant Course – Level 1

This course level offers 5 days of live hands-on surgery, with a guaranteed exposure to a minimum of 60 implants – 30 placed as the main surgeon, and 30 to assist with. This level also introduces participants to basic bone grafting.

This level is ideal for those just starting out in implantology, or doctors wanting to expand their implant skills by performing a wide range of implant cases.

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What our Course Participants Say


I was very impressed with this course and the instructors. I learned more in this course than all of the other implant courses I have taken combined. After this course, I will feel very confident with most implant cases and situations. The patients were great and are very well taken care of by the local dentists and physicians. I will definitely be back for the advanced courses.

Dr. Nick H.

The hands-on approach of this course and the instructors make the clinical knowledge gained invaluable. By the end of the course, my confidence not only in implant placement, but also in surgical procedures, was greatly improved. I would definitely recommend this experience to any dentist.

Dr. Ramon H.

I had always referred out implants even though patients asked if I could do it. In the end, they would never go to the specialist and just find another GP that did implants. I’m excited to go back and start placing implants right away, patients want to stay with one dentist and now I am confidence and ready to place implants for them.

Dr. Wesley N.

Prior to coming to this course, I had only theoretical/didactic knowledge in implantology. You gain immense knowledge in placement, treatment planning and surgical skills. As a beginner, I would highly recommend taking this course to advance your career.

Dr. Amar P.

Really enjoyed this course. I feel confident in placing implants after finishing the course. Instructors are great and really helpful. Would definitely recommend this course if you are thinking about offering implants to your patients.

Dr. Farah J.

Great course for getting the courage up to place implants in a variety of patients. Thirty implants in 5 days- very fast paced but a great confidence builder!

Dr. Sarah M.

I loved it! Tons of practical knowledge, very knowledgeable and friendly instructors and administrative staff. Everything was handled in a very professional and helpful way. Perfect way to improve your skills, meet new friends, get lots of advice with dental problems and complications. Now I feel confident and I will start placing implants in my practice.

Dr. Justyna B.

This course is a truly hands on experience and plenty of it. The patients, instructors and accommodations are nice. The course is well organized. Thank you Dominika and Mac!

Dr. Thomas P.

I have already taken a comprehensive implant course and placed a few implants before coming to this course. This hands-on course definitely boosted my confidence level greatly in placing implants. The instructors were all great and knowledgeable. Thanks again!

Dr. Janet C

Incredible course! I’ve never been to a CE course that has given me so much experience and knowledge as this course has. Worth every penny!

Dr. Kent C.

Having taken 2 previous implant continuum courses and 12 years of implant experience, I found the hands-on level 2 course invaluable. The learning environment was supportive and the training and feedback with total hands-on instruction was the one thing my previous training lacked. I highly recommend this course to any dentist interested in placing implants and sinus lifts. I am completely confident of my skills that I acquired and am excited to implement sinus augmentation in my practice.

Dr. Kathy D.

This course was amazing! From the moment we entered the clinic, our patients were ready to go! I placed 2 implants in the first hour. I began the course with limited experience and confidence and finished ready to place implants on Monday with total confidence!

Dr. Miguel C.

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