Take it to the next level! Learn more about our Sinus Lift Courses.

Over the last fifteen years, sinus lift surgery or sinus augmentation has been a prominent procedure for individuals suffering from closely formed sinuses or insufficient bone height on the upper jaw. As a result, this can cause discomfort and sinus issues. 

We can fix this problem by placing an extra bone between the molars and premolars to make more room in your sinuses. All this is achieved by lifting the sinus membrane, hence the surgery name.

At Trinon Collegium Practicum, we provide sinus lift courses that help dentists advance in their career and specialize in sinus lift surgery. This procedure is ideal for individuals suffering from periodontal disease, tooth loss, or problems with maxillary sinus. A sinus augmentation is typically done to prepare the sinuses for dental implantation. If you are looking for sinus lift courses in the local area, consider taking our program.

Our sinus lift courses consist of two levels. In Level 1, the participant must have a practical implant experience with a minimum of 50 implant placements, at least one year of oral surgery experience, or have completed our Level 1 Q-Implant Marathon. After that, the candidate shall be qualified for Level 2 of the sinus lift course. 

During Level 2 training of the Advanced Surgery Course, the participant will learn various sinus lift techniques, manage difficult cases, and gain practical knowledge and experience that will help them excel in this specialty. 

Within the 5-day training, the participants will be asked to perform at least 7 advanced cases and assist in different 7 to 10 cases performed by their group members. Aside from varying cases, the training guarantees 5 sinus lift cases.

We also offer implant courses in the local area to complete the program. For extensive dental implant training, call us and we will assist you with your questions.