Implant training cost

Total cost of implant training isn’t something that can be easily shrugged off. Keep in mind though that the best dental implant courses cannot be deemed equivalent to seminars in let’s say cosmetology. No offence intended but dental implants are often about esthetics (on top and sometimes even before person’s dental wellbeing and comfort of live). Yet, implantology courses require much more from its participants and organizers, as they make you responsible for your patient health.  Therefore, you need professional tutoring as well as hands on experience on the subject. That said, you can participate in three types of dental implant training programs that provide different levels of professional education. Tuition fee for each learning block equals $13,950. Depending on your needs and previous experience, you can take part in a five-day implant program or enroll in a whole, three-level implant training at once. To clarify: first level consist of implants, second – sinus lifts and third – block grafts. as mentioned before, participation in more advanced implantology training is either subjected to completing previous levels of education or having adequate experience, so you have to confirm placing minimum 50 implants (level 2) or placing minimum 200 implants and experience in orals surgery (level 3).

What is included in dental program tuition fee?

Dental implant courses aren’t particularly cheap but that’s the price, which you pay for comprehensive practical knowledge and future safety of your patients. Those qualities, however important, are quite vague and I bet that you want to know what’s precisely included in a tuition fee. Let’s start from the beginning. In 2019, implantology courses are scheduled to take place either in a private clinic or at university in one of the three locations: Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Laos.  As there are several terms available through the year, you don’t need to worry about accommodating your busy timetable. But that’s not everything. On top of choice of date and location, you can also enjoy a stay in a top tier hotel with breakfast and Wi-Fi access as well as transportation to / from the airport and daily transportation within the city included in the tuition fee. However, accommodation and commuting isn’t the thing that cut the deal for those particular implant seminars. Most importantly, you have access to all of the necessary tools such as surgical scrubs, instruments and implants but also relevant educational materials. As you can clearly see from the above list, you not only learn about theory but also gain practical experience where implant placement is involved. Moreover, upon completing each level of implantology course, you receive 60 AGD credit hours on top of certificate and free implant starter package. And if that’s not enough, you can always ask instructors for feedback and advice, regarding your on-going implant cases. Ready to expand your knowledge? Check out our Implant Placement Courses and Sinus Lift Courses.