What Is Implant Training?

The field of dental implantology is a relatively new and innovative field. As such, training methods have come a long way in recent years. For many areas of dentistry, a largely theoretical coursework is entirely acceptable. When it comes to implants, however, a classroom education is rarely sufficient. For this reason, many dentists have been hesitant to make the leap into the world of implants. Proper implant training is a way to get more dentists into implant work. With hands-on courses and practice-oriented training, dentists can begin handling implants with confidence in their own practice.

Introduction to Implant Work

Most implant training courses are broken down into three levels or phases. While these phases are distinct and comprehensive, most courses are only a week or two in length. This allows doctors to maximize the time they spend outside their practice and really hone their skills quickly. The first phase of implant training is all about handling implants themselves. Doctors will typically handle these implant sessions as both main and assisting surgeon, giving them a well-rounded experience. There’s also an emphasis on variety. Some implant cases will be simple, while others will be complex.  Training also covers work in all areas of the mouth.

The Advanced Levels of Implant Training

The second level of an implant course usually focuses on Sinus Lift Courses. This is a slightly more advanced procedure, so doctors will complete only a dozen or so surgeries during the training. They will again perform these procedures as both primary and assisting surgeon, learning to handle lateral windows, implant complication, ridge splitting, and piezo techniques. Finally, doctors will practice block grafts. This final stage is the most advanced and can be entirely tailored to the experience level of any individual doctor. By the completion of an implant training course, dentists should have acquired the skills they need to confidently handle any implant procedure in their own practice!