Hands-On Live Implant Course for General Dentists

Q-Implant Marathon Level 1

Our implant course guarantees exposure to a minimum of 60 implants in 5 days! Each doctor will get to personally place 30 implants as the main surgeon, while assisting 30 more placed by a group member.

Implant Course Overview
5 days of live patient surgery under supervision of an experienced team of instructors. All cases performed during the implant course will be hands-on with local patients. All patients are pre-screened by our clinic prior to the course, and each case will be treatment planned with your instructor prior to surgery.

Examples of Cases:

  • Single tooth replacement (anterior and posterior)
  • Multiple implants
  • Extraction and immediate placement of implants
  • Overdenture implants
  • Thin ridge implant placement
  • Basic grafting with artificial bone and membrane
  • Site grafting with PRP/PRF
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Block Grafting
  • Titanium Mesh Reconstruction

In 5 days, you will be exposed to 60+ implants! We guarantee you will place a minimum of 30 implants, and assist with another 30 implants.

Sample Level 1 Implant Course Schedule

Arrivals and introductory didactic meeting (system and implant overview, drilling protocols, model work on plastic jaws)

10+ hours/day of live surgery under supervision

Each group works in teams of 2 participants, to 1 instructor.

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