Lateral Sinus Lift and Advanced Grafting Courses

Course Overview

Advance in implantology by learning to perform lateral sinus lift and advanced grafting techniques! 5 days of live patient surgery under supervision of maxillofacial surgeons. Q-Implant Marathon advanced levels guarantee to expand your practical experience by performing advanced implant and oral surgery cases.

Examples of Cases (Depending on Level):
– Lateral Sinus Lifts
– Crestal-approach Sinus Lifts
– Piezo-Surgery
– Bone Splitting
– Bone Expansion
– Advanced Grafting
– Soft Tissue Grafting
– Block Grafting
– Titanium Mesh Reconstruction
– Perform and Assist with 15 Surgeries in 5 Days!

Hands On Advanced Surgery Courses

Level 2: Lateral Sinus Lift and Grafting

Guaranteed performance of at least 5-7 lateral sinus lift cases as the main surgeon, assistance with another 5-10 sinus lifts performed by group member(s). Each doctor will also learn advanced grafting techniques, PRF and management of complications.

Level Requirement: 50 implants placed in the last 2 years or previous participation in our level 1 course.

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Level 3: Advanced Grafting

Treatment of very demanding cases under supervision. Examples of cases: implantation in highly atrophic bone with sinus lift and bone augmentation, intra-oral harvesting of bone, block grafts, use of titanium mesh and performance of onlay-grafting.

Level Requirement: Placement of 200+ implants OR previous participation in our level 2 course.

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Level 4: Soft Tissue Grafting

Treatment of difficult clinical cases, specifically in the esthetic zone. Participants will be exposed to cases ranging from management of complications during implant surgery, to soft tissue grafting, bone harvesting, and development of skills in microsurgery.

Level Requirement: Previous participation in Q-Implant Marathon Level 2 or Level 3. Participants must have vast experience in implant placement (200+ implants placed) and oral surgery.
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