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Implant Courses

Gain Confidence in Implantology with Real Hands-On Courses


Level 1 - Implant Surgery

Place 30 implants
in 5 days!

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Level 2 - Advanced Surgery

Perform 7 advanced surgery cases
in 5 days!

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Level 3 - Complex Grafting

Complex cases tailored to the learning goals of our alumni!

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Trinon Collegium Practicum

Dental Implant Courses Seattle for General Dentists

Educating Dentists
Since 2003!

Embarking on the journey to become a dental implant specialist can be challenging without the right training. Luckily, Trinon College Practicum offers comprehensive dental implant courses Seattle, providing both knowledge and hands-on experience essential for success in implantology.

Trinon Collegium Practicum ensures an immersive learning experience with live implant training Seattle. Our courses offer a practical, hands-on environment, allowing you to gain valuable experience while undergoing implant training abroad.

Enroll in our courses to gain comprehensive knowledge of dental implant procedures. Benefit from the expertise of seasoned dental implant professionals who have honed their skills through rigorous training. Our live patient training ensures hands-on experience, guiding you through a minimum of 30 implant procedures over 5 days. By the end of the program, you’ll return to Seattle equipped with the experience and confidence to seamlessly integrate implants into your dental practice. Elevate your dental career—contact us today and advance to the next level with our dental implant program abroad.


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Benefits of Implantology Training Abroad

Straight Into The Field

Specializing in implantology is streamlined at Trinon College Practicum. We prioritize hands-on learning, immersing you in education for a robust experience.

Work With Real Patients

Gain unparalleled experience by performing at least 30 dental implant procedures as the primary surgeon and 30 more as an assistant. Our skilled experts in implantology guide you through these experiences, fast-tracking your education.

Grow Your Dental Business

After just 5 days of dental implant training, return to Seattle with the confidence and experience to incorporate implantology into your practice, potentially expanding your services.

Implant Marathon

Unlocking Success: The Significance of Implant Courses for Seattle Dentists

For dental professionals aiming to enhance their skills and confidence, dental implant courses Seattle offer unparalleled opportunities. These courses open new avenues for success, enabling you to meet the demands of patients seeking implant procedures.

Live implant training Seattle provides an immersive experience, equipping you with the expertise needed to advance your dental practice. Ensure your practice reaches its full potential by enrolling in dental implant courses Seattle, offering opportunities for tremendous success.

For dental professionals, the pursuit of success involves expanding experience and building confidence and skills. This is where dental implant courses Seattle become indispensable, opening up a realm of opportunities that can transform your dental practice.

Incorporate implantology into your skill set, embrace continuous learning, and witness your dental practice flourish. Immerse yourself in dental implant courses Seattle, and seize the opportunity for unparalleled professional growth.