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Level 1 - Implant Surgery

Place 30 implants
in 5 days!

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Level 2 - Advanced Surgery

Perform 7 advanced surgery cases
in 5 days!

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Level 3 - Complex Grafting

Complex cases tailored to the learning goals of our alumni!

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Trinon Collegium Practicum

General Dentists from San Antonio Can Take Courses On Dental Implants.

Educating Dentists
Since 2003!

San Antonio general dentists seeking to advance their proficiency in implantology may consider enrolling in the comprehensive dental implant courses for dentists from San Antonio provided by Trinon Collegium Practicum. Our program equips dentists from San Antonio with the necessary knowledge and practical experience through hands-on implant courses.
Locally and internationally, our live implant training events will provide you with the opportunity to acquire practical experience in the company of seasoned professionals. San Antonio dentists enrolled in our implant hands on courses will gain knowledge from seasoned professionals who have mastered their field.
Our five-day live implant training program consists of a minimum of thirty procedures, guaranteeing that you will be adequately equipped to implement your newly acquired skills in your San Antonio dental practice. Additionally, if you are contemplating the international expansion of your dental practice, we can provide guidance in locating reputable dental implant courses in another country. Contact us immediately to advance your implantology expertise.

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Why Should You Enroll in Our Abroad Implantology Course?

Immediate Hands-On Experience

Acquiring proficiency in implantology can present a formidable task, particularly for those who have received inadequate education from conventional academic institutions. Our objective at Trinon Collegium Practicum is to streamline the educational journey for dentists from San Antonio by guaranteeing that the information and abilities acquired during our dental implant course are pragmatic and readily applicable to routine dental work.

Real Patient Interaction

Practice is the key to attaining improvement. Students are afforded the opportunity to conduct a minimum of 30 tooth implant surgeries under their own supervision, in addition to providing assistance in an additional 30 cases. Gaining practical experience with actual patients and receiving guidance from seasoned implantologists with years of teaching experience substantially shortens the learning curve.

Make Your Dental Practice Better

When you return to your office after completing the five days of training, you will be proficient in integrating dental implants into your practice. Your expanded expertise in dental implants has the potential to positively impact the expansion of your enterprise and create novel prospects within the industry.

Implant Marathon

The Implications Of Implant CE Course For General Dentists From San Antonio

It is essential for general dentists to increase their experience in order to boost their confidence, hone their abilities, and create a more alluring practice. Exactly this is what dental implant courses for dentists from San Antonio can contribute to your practice. Engaging in live implant training for dentists from San Antonio, including oneself as a general dentist, can potentially unveil a multitude of opportunities that might have eluded your attention otherwise.
Intensive and all-encompassing, dental live implant training for dentists from San Antonio is intended to furnish participants with the essential competencies required to augment their practices and cater to the changing demands of their clientele. Acquiring the appropriate expertise and competencies via live implant training for dentists from San Antonio can result in business expansion and the capacity to aid a greater number of individuals for experienced dentists.
Enroll in dental implant courses designed for San Antonio dentists in order to guarantee that your office can provide an extensive array of services. By achieving success in these courses, you will establish a solid foundation for a prosperous practice.