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In 2003 Trinon Collegium Practicum originated and pioneered a state of the art dental implant program that offers innovative and comprehensive implantology education with hands-on, live implant training in Dominican Republic, Cambodia & Laos. We pride ourselves on providing the best dental implant courses in which all dental physicians and surgeons – from New York to other parts of the country – can participate.

Since the beginning of our journey, more than 3,000 dentists benefited from our cutting-edge abroad implant courses and advanced their knowledge and proficiency in the field of implantology. Our mission is to contribute to lifelong professional growth of dentistry professionals so they can treat their patients with excellence. TCP’s 5-day intense implant training focuses on real world execution of simple and complex implants, bone grafting, ridge splitting, soft tissue grafting, titanium mesh reconstruction and more.

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Why Choose Our Implant Training Courses

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Pure practice

We believe that excellence in dentistry can be achieved only through constant practice and mastering of new skills and techniques. Our implant training courses are all about live implant training – during our 5-day course participants perform more than 30 hands-on implant surgeries.

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Experience and reputation

Trinon Collegium Practicum has more than 20 years of experience in general dentistry and implantology. In those years we have developed a reputation as one of the top abroad dental implant training programs – easy accessible from NYC.

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As a leading dental implant training center, we use cutting-edge technology to provide the safest and most successful implant placement procedures, so our participants have the opportunity to experience extraordinary and professionally organized intense implant courses for New York dentists..

Why Implant Courses New York For General Dentists Are So Important

For any dental professional, it’s very important to expand your experience, and at the same time, give yourself the confidence and skills to build on more success of your practice. That’s precisely what dental implant courses New York can do for you. Taking implant courses creates a world of opportunities that you would not find as simply a general dentist.

Dental implant training New York offers immersive courses that will give you the professional skills you need to move your practice into new focus areas that many patients are seeking. By going through live implant training New York, you will come out ahead with the skills and experience to offer your patients while building your practice as a dental professional.

Make your dental practice everything it can be by experiencing dental implant courses New York that are designed to give you great success.

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