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Gain Confidence in Implantology with Real Hands-On Courses


Level 1 - Implant Surgery

Place 30 implants
in 5 days!

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Level 2 - Advanced Surgery

Perform 7 advanced surgery cases
in 5 days!

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Level 3 - Complex Grafting

Complex cases tailored to the learning goals of our alumni!

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Trinon Collegium Practicum

Dental Implant Courses for General Dentists From Miami

Educating Dentists
Since 2003!

It’s not easy to get the proper training and experience in implantology but there is a solution. Trinon College Practicum offers immersive dental implant courses that can provide you with the knowledge and the experience you need to be a dental implant specialist.

If you are in the Miami, Florida area and you have thought about dental implant courses, Trinon Collegium Practicum provides a live training environment so you can have hands-on experience while going through implant training courses abroad.

Our courses will teach you everything you need to know about dental implant procedures. You will learn from experienced dental implant professionals that have perfected their skills in the implant training. Our live patient training will guide you through a minimum of 30 implant procedures over the duration of 5 days. You can return to Miami with the experience and the confidence to include implants as part of your dental practice. Contact us today and take your dental practice to the next level with a dental implant program abroad.


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Why Go With Our Implantology Training Abroad

Direct Entry to the Field

Specializing in implantology is difficult because conventional education streams do not focus on the skill. At Trinon College Practicum, we make it convenient for you to learn and implement the skill during each day you are in dental implant training. You will be immersed in your education for a robust experience.

Practice on Live Patients

You will have the opportunity to practice on live patients as you perform at least 30 dental implant procedures as the primary surgeon, and 30 more as an assistant. These experiences will fast-track your education under the guidance of skilled experts in implantology who provide dental implant training for years.

Expand Your Dental Practice

After your 5 days of dental implant training, you will have the confidence and experience to bring implantology into your dental practice when you return to your office. You will have the potential to expand your practice based on your new dental implant training.

Implant Marathon

Why Implant Courses Miami For General Dentists Are Extremely Important

For many dental professionals, it’s quite important to expand on experience while building confidence and skills to achieve a more successful practice. That’s what dental implant courses Miami can do for your dental practice. Taking implant courses Miami creates a new world of opportunities that you would not benefit from as a general dentist otherwise.

Dental implant training Miami provides an immersive experience that gives you the expertise needed to move your practice ahead into new areas of focus which so many patients want. By going through live implant training Miami, you can gain the proper skills and experience for your patients and grow your practice as a great dental professional.

Be sure your dental practice reaches its full potential by experiencing dental implant courses Miami. These courses provide you an opportunity for tremendous success.