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Trinon Collegium Practicum

Dental Implant Training for Dallas General Dentists & Dental Professionals

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Implantology Courses Abroad

You need specialized training through an accredited education center offering dental implant courses to provide implantology as a core part of your dental practice. Where ordinary dental curriculums do not offer implantology as an option, Trinon College fills the gap.

For dentists in the Dallas area, getting the training and experience you need to perform dental implant surgery is easy with Trinon College implant courses abroad. We provide training on live patients for a hands-on experience that will immerse you in the field of implantology.

You will learn from seasoned professionals who have mastered their skills in dental implant procedures. Through our live patient training you will be the lead surgeon on a minimum of 30 implant procedures over the span of 5 days. You will also assist on another 30 surgeries so you can be ready to use your skills by adding dental implant surgery to your practice in Dallas.

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Reasons to Consider Our Dental Implant Courses & Implant Training Abroad

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A Professional Learning Environment

As conventional dental education streams do not offer implantology in their curriculums, gaining that expertise can only be done in a specialized setting. Our professional learning center abroad will provide you with the skills you need in dental implant procedures with an immersive implant training course.

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Extensive Experience

Over 5 days you will operate on at least 30 live patients as the lead dental implant surgeon, and 30 more as an assistant. You will walk away with the knowledge and experience you can only get from repetitive practice under the supervision of skilled implantology professionals.

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New Skills to Expand On

When finished the dental implant course, you will have the confidence to return home to Dallas and add your new skillset to your practice. You can provide more services to your existing stable of patients and open your doors to new patients needing dental implants.

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February 11-15, 2019

Location: Dominican Republic
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Since 2003, TCP has organized more than 150 Q-Implant Marathon sessions, which offer hands-on training that incorporates a live patient model. Now in it’s 16th year we have helped educate over 3,000 dentists and provided over 100,000 implants for patients.

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