Implant Marathon
Live Hands-On
Implant Courses

Gain Confidence in Implantology with Real Hands-On Courses

Implant Marathon
Live Hands-On
Implant Courses

Gain Confidence in Implantology with Real Hands-On Courses

Implant Marathon
Live Hands-On
Implant Courses

Gain Confidence in Implantology with Real Hands-On Courses


Level 1 - Implant Surgery

Place 30 implants
in 5 days!

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Level 2 - Advanced Surgery

Perform 7 advanced surgery cases
in 5 days!

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Level 3 - Complex Grafting

Complex cases tailored to the learning goals of our alumni!

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Implant Courses for General Dentists and Specialists

Hands-On Implant Training
& Advanced Surgery Courses

Educating Dentists
Since 2003!

The TCP Implant Marathon was founded and created in 2003 by Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) and has educated more than 3,700 doctors across multiple course locations. Being entirely hands-on, the course was designed to elevate your practical knowledge and boost your surgical skills in implantology. By attending this 5 day implant course of various levels, you will collect immense practical experience in implantology by treatment planning and performing live surgery, all under supervision of TCP’s highly experienced implant surgeons and instructors. More than 200 TCP Implant Marathon sessions have been organized in the last 20 years. Today, Trinon Collegium Practicum together with Implantology Courses Inc offers 8-12 TCP Implant Marathon sessions per year!

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September 9-13, 2024

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Live Surgical Courses for Implant Placement and Advanced Surgery

Best Dental Implant Course
Implant Training Since 2003

With more than 20 years of dental education experience, we are the longest running implant seminar in the world. More than 3,700 dentists have added implants and advanced surgery to their practice, after completing the TCP Implant Marathon.

Implant Placement Courses
for General Dentists

Our courses are directed at dentists of all skill levels. Whether you are a recent graduate, general dentist with basic implant knowledge, or an implant master, our implant course is for you!

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Live Implant
Placement Training

During the 5 Day TCP Implant Marathon, you will personally place 30 implants as the main surgeon and assist dozens more, under the supervision of our expert team of instructors. All of our implant courses are hands-on and "learning by doing".

Advanced Surgery

TCP Implant Marathon advanced levels offer live hands-on surgery with sinus lifts, ridge/bone splitting, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, PRP/PRF, and management of complications. In 5 days, participants perform and assist with up to 15 different cases!

Incredibly Experienced

The TCP Implant Marathon training team has conducted more than 200 implant training sessions, providing dentists with the live surgical experience needed to achieve the highest level of implantology skill. Maximize your practical experience with TCP implant courses!

60 CE

Upon completion of the TCP implant course or advanced surgical course, you will earn 60CE hours verified by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Implantology Course Inc is proud to be a PACE provider for dental CE.

About Our Implantology Courses

Founded by Trinon Collegium Practicum, the TCP Implant Marathon is a 5 day hands-on practical implant course focusing on implant placement and advanced surgery. Maximize your practical skills under direct supervision of international surgeons!

Since 2003, more than 200 TCP Implant Marathon sessions have been conducted, with 120,000 implants placed and 3,700 dentists trained. Unlike other implant courses, the Implant Marathon focuses on hands-on learning with a guaranteed number of cases performed by each doctor.

Each TCP Implant Marathon session is a 5-day course with 3 separate levels. The course begins with an intro lecture and hands-on model work, followed by 5 intensive days of implant and advanced surgery training (dependent on skills/level).

Level 1: Implant Placement
Doctors are guaranteed to perform 30 implants in 5 days as the main surgeon, plus additional cases to assist with. This implant course includes a wide variety of implant cases, ranging from easy to moderately-difficult. Treatment planning (CBCT and OPG) and basic bone grafting is also part of the curriculum.

Level 2: Sinus Lift Surgery
Experienced doctors are guaranteed to perform 5-7 advanced cases focusing on sinus elevation techniques. Cases may also include ridge splitting, advanced grafting, PRP, GBR and management of complications.

Level 3: Demanding Cases
TCP Implant Marathon alumni will learn perform various advanced grafting techniques such as block/onlay grafting, titanium mesh reconstruction and management of sinus and/or implant complications.

To attend TCP Implant Marathon surgery courses, you must be a licensed dentist and must provide proof of a valid dental license/registration from the country where you practice. Other required documents are copies of your diploma/degree, passport and CV, as well as results for infectious diseases (depending on location).

For Level 1, no previous implant placement experience is required but basic knowledge of implant theory and anatomy is expected. Preparation materials to help refresh theoretical knowledge are provided prior to the course.

Please inquire for specific experience requirements for Level 2 and Level 3.

The TCP Implant Marathon sessions are held in:

3. Dominican Republic (temporarily not offered)

Each location holds 4-8 sessions a year. For more information regarding the dates and specific locations, please contact us!

The Implant Marathon is an international program and all locations are suitable for dentists from all over the world!

Doctors from North America and Europe tend to choose our Brazil location. While our Cambodia location sees a mix of Asia-Pacific and European doctors.

The course curriculum and level guarantees are the same across all of our locations. We invite you to attend the session/location that works best for you!

We are proud to have an amazing team of instructors! Our TCP team is comprised of oral and maxillofacial surgeons and implant masters, all hand picked by our course directors. Our instructors rotate throughout the sessions, for more info please inquire about the location/date of your choosing. 

The Implant Marathon is the only course in the world that guarantees attendees a specific number of live surgeries. Our focus on practical learning is unlike any other course.

We promise unlimited learning potential during each course session! We aim to provide you with full confidence so that you can return to your own practice and put your newly learned skills to work.

Being a practical hands-on course, we expect our participants to be ready for surgery! It is best to practice/perfect your incision and suturing skills before the course. Additionally, basic implant theory and anatomy should be studied before the course. We provide our participant with basic preparation materials prior to the course as well as recommended reading to brush up on some theory.

Scrubs, loupes (recommended, not required) and comfortable op-shoes! Everything else is provided. 

The wellbeing of our patients is always a top priority! We partner with local universities and clinics that bring in local patients that could otherwise not afford these procedures. All patients are evaluated and screened by our local staff at each location. Only local patients are accepted and scheduled for treatment. Follow up and restorative care is also provided by the university and local clinics. 

The first Implant Marathon was held in Santa Clara, Cuba in December of 2003. 

Since then, more than 200 implant courses have been organized across multiple locations, with over 3,700 dentists trained. Join our next implant training session and take your skills to the next level!

The number of participants depends on the date/session/location, and the number of op-booths available (10 op-booths = 20 participants working in teams of 2). Most sessions fill to maximum capacity. 

Yes, provided you completed a minimum of 50 Implant Cases in the last 2 years. This is a must since Level 2 Cases are more complicated in nature.

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