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     “Q-Implant Marathon”

    For more than 15 years, Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) has organized more than 150 Q-Implant Marathon sessions, which aided in training more than 3,000 dentists, resulting in more than 100,000 dental implants all over the world. At TCP, we enhance learning by holding implant CE courses with a live patient model for in-depth training experiences. By doing so, we are able to live by our motto, “Learning by Doing.” We believe that by holding live surgical sessions, we are able to impart indispensable learnings and skills to participants from no less than our international team of surgeons.

    The Q-Implant Marathon lasts for 5 days with participants learning from the best surgical team with their extensive experience in Q-implanting. This allows students to learn the latest techniques and technological advancements from the dental implant courses in Philadelphia, which serve as great foundations for on-the-job services. We aim to produce exceptional surgeons in the field of dentistry to serve more individuals in need. Our implant placement courses in Philadelphia focus on practical, day to day implants ranging from simple to complex, extending to bone grafting, ridge splitting, soft tissue grafting, titanium mesh reconstruction, etc.

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    Why Choose TCP Implant Training Courses

    best dental implant courses new york

    Best dental implant courses in Philadelphia

    Our team of professionals is composed of the best surgeons in the industry. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we take pride in imparting invaluable dental implant training methods and techniques to our participants to ensure success in implantology.

    Implant placement courses for general dentists

    Implant placement courses for general dentists

    We open our implantology courses in Philadelphia to dentists at different levels. Our aim is to achieve a higher success rate in implanting by investing in quality education.

    Live implant placement training

    Live implant placement training

    The 5-day implant placement courses in Philadelphia allows participants to perform at least 30 hands-on implant surgeries and other procedures under careful supervision by renowned dental surgeons.

    best dental implant courses new york

    Friendly and Welcoming Learning Environment

    Expect to be welcomed by our friendly staff and surgeons during your 5-day course training. We at TCP design implantology courses in Philadelphia in a way that paves avenues for networking, on top of honing technical skills and imparting expertise to our participants. This ensures a conducive working environment for everyone.

    Implant placement courses for general dentists

    Incredibly Experienced Professionals

    We have the best surgeons from all over the world to ensure quality education among all participants. Our aim is for everyone to go home armed with the best resources to develop their skills to a professional level from our dental implant courses in Philadelphia.

    Live implant placement training

    Achievements of Training

    With AGD PACE approved dental implant courses in the USA, we ensure that your 60 CE hours under training will be accepted by most licensing boards across North America. Each participant is given a post-course package that contains a Q-implant and surgical starter kit. The concluded surgical implants will be indicated in the certificate upon completion of the implant training in Philadelphia.

    Why Implant Courses For General Dentists Are So Important

    Continuous learning is a must for any professional. As with dentists, it is important to expand knowledge in the industry for continued growth as professional dentists.  

    Trinon Collegium Practicum continues to organize dental implant courses in the USA, Philadelphia to aid dentists in honing their skills especially in the field of implantology. This gives dentists the confidence to perform better and provide better services to individuals in need of Q-implanting services. Extensive experience and knowledge in implantology also provide leverage to general dentists who are aiming to be renowned surgeons in the industry. Dental implant training provides the means to advance your skills into other aspects through immersive courses.  

    TCP continues to produce specialized dentists by focusing on live implant training in Philadelphia with the aid of top surgeons in the field. 

    Bring your professionalism to the next level by participating in our dental implant courses in Philadelphia. Get in touch with us to get started.

    TCP implant hands on course

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