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Trinon Collegium Practicum

Live Implant Courses. Dental Implant Courses & Implant
Training Abroad for Los Angeles General Dentists

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Hands On Implant Training in Los Angeles, CA

Over fifteen years ago, Trinon Collegium Practicum created a cutting edge dental implant training program that included hands-on practical implant training in locations including Cambodia, Laos, and the Dominican Republic. Today, we are proud to provide the same outstanding live implant training in Los Angeles and other areas across the country. We make our name on offering accessible dental implant courses in the USA that all dental physicians and surgeons can utilize and gain experience from.

Throughout our time offering this elite training, thousands of dentists have benefited from our implantology courses in Los Angeles and cities across the country. With an eye towards providing real-world experience, along with technical know-how and courses that incorporate the latest industry trends and techniques, our Los Angeles dental implant training is simply the best bang for your buck if you are hoping to increase your expertise and knowledge in the industry. The training program includes lessons on bone grafting, ridge splitting, soft tissue grafting, titanium mesh reconstruction, and many other common forms of dental implant work.

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Real World Focus

Like any profession, the best way to master dental implant practice is through hands-on experience. With that in mind, our dental implant training courses focus specifically on live implant training – our course participants will perform more than 30 hands-on implant surgeries over the span of the five-day course.

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Industry and Teaching Experience

Our company proudly stands on two decades of experience in successfully training thousands of dental practitioners in all manner of dental implant work. As the most reputable dental implant training in Los Angeles, we have served hundreds of satisfied industry professionals over the years and look forward to serving more.

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Innovation and Technology

As the leading live implant training in Los Angeles, we know the importance of staying current with industry trends to be sure our program serves all of our participants effectively. We are dedicated to constantly incorporating the latest best practices and technological innovations, to make sure participants are trained in cutting edge techniques and tools.

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