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    Trinon Collegium Practicum

    Live Dental Implant Courses & Implant
    Training Abroad for Henderson General Dentists

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    About Us

    Industry-Leading Implant Training Courses in Henderson, NV

    For two decades and counting, Trinon Collegium Practicum has offered full-service live implant training Henderson, NV and cities all around the country and the globe. Starting in Cambodia, Laos, and the Dominican Republic, the past twenty years have seen Trinon Collegium Practicum grow to become an industry leader in effective hands on implant training. With a focus on combining the latest in industry technology and best practices with a practical, professional live training program that ensures our participants gain valuable real-world experience in all manner of dental implant work, we take pride in producing trained program participants who excel in the field.

    Our implantology courses in Henderson offer the chance for dental professionals to experiment with various industry techniques and common procedures, including titanium mesh reconstruction, bone grafting, execution of simple and complex implants, ridge splitting, and soft tissue grafting, all over the course of our five day program. Program participants will be well versed in all best practices and tools available for these procedures at the completion of the course.

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    What Does Our Live Implant Training
    in Henderson Get You?

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    Hands-On Expertise

    We know that simply talking about procedures theoretically doesn’t help any dental professional when actually working on a client. That’s why our dental implant training incorporates extensive opportunities to practice procedures – our program participants will engage in over 30 surgeries over the course of the program.

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    Years of Experience

    Having served thousands of dental practitioners over the course of our existence, we know how to deliver a useful and modern dental training program that ensures our clients gain valuable knowledge for their money and time spent. That’s what helps us stand out from other dental implant courses in Henderson, NV.

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    The Latest Tech and Trends

    To deliver the most effective dental implant courses in the USA, we know it is important to stay abreast of the latest in technology and procedures in the industry. That’s why we are always updating our curriculum to include best practices from across the industry, to bring the most modern dental implant training to our course participants.

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